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After his discharge from the Marines in 1945, Leonard began a long career in law enforcement with the Salem, Oregon, Police Department. Leaving as a lieutenant after 25 years of service, he then moved to the Oregon Board on Police Standards and Training for an additional 13 years as Chief of Management and Research. Following their retirement in 1984, Leonard and Joyce traveled widely, visiting many of the locations described in One Man's View. He died in Corvallis, Oregon, on January 20, 2016, a little over seven months after Joyce's passing.

You can now read more about Leonard's experiences in the Pacific in Bruce Petty's 2008 book, New Zealand in the Pacific War: Personal Accounts of World War II and in Follow Me Back in Time by Joan Ellis (2009). For more information about the books, click on the covers below:

Last Modified: 02/01/2024
One Man's View by Leonard E. Skinner (2001)