View of the Hot Springs Campground at Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge (Oregon).

Bog Hot Springs (Nevada)

A very toasty tub of hot water water at Harney Hot Springs (Oregon).

Hot springs on a Malheur River island near Juntura (Oregon).

An unusually quiet moment at McCredie Hot Springs (Oregon). The spring and site of a former resort that was washed away in a flood sits a few feet from the Middle Fork Willamette River but is also a frisbee toss from a major highway.

Diana's Punchbowl, Monitor Valley (Nevada). The pool of water at the bottom is reported to be about 135F.

Left: Steaming spatter cones near Pahoa, Big Island (Hawaii). Right: Entry into a spatter cone steam room.

Ahalanui County Park warm pond on the Puna Coast of the Big Island, Hawaii. Following a 1960 eruption, the formerly cool pool has been naturally geothermally-heated.

A warm pool of fresh water near Isaac Hale State Park, Puna Coast of the Big Island.

Travertine deposits and caves at Soda Dam Hot Springs, Jemez Mountains, New Mexico.

Inside the Soda Dam travertine cave, a small hot pool, Jemez Mountains (New Mexico).

Summer Lake Hot Springs, Oregon Great Basin. There's a warm swimming pool hiding inside the barn.

Sunset at Harney Lake Hot Springs (Oregon)


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