IAOS Bulletin Bonus Items

Excel Spreadsheet: OHD Age Correction for the Effects of Paleotemperature Changes (IAOS Bulletin No. 52)

PDF: Regional Temperature Modeling for the Upper Mojave Desert (IAOS Bulletin No. 59)

PDF: Attenuation of Temperature Variation with Depth in Desert Condition (IAOS Bulletin No. 59)

PDF: Obsidian Hydration Analysis Program Code (IAOS Bulletin No. 59)

PDF: Computation of a Hydration Rate for Bodie Hills Obsidian, from Mono County, Eastern California (IAOS Bulletin No. 59)

PDF: Laboratory Measurement of Hydration Rate for Napa Valley Obsidian (IAOS Bulletin No. 59)

PDF: A Physics-Based Hydration Rate for Queen Obsidian, Western Nevada (IAOS Bulletin No. 59)

Excel Spreadsheet: Obsidian Literature Sources (last updated: 06-12-2019)

This spreadsheet of over 5,000 obsidian-related literature references was contributed by Chris Lloyd, a consulting exploration geologist currently living just outside of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Chris specializes in gold and silver geology and admits that he's also developed a certain obsession with obsidian. He moved from Canada to Mexico in 1994 and, after I asked him for a little background information, mentioned that his house is anchored to an outcrop of obsidian associated with the Primavera Caldera. Chris will be updating this listing from time to time and would very much welcome any contributions or comments concerning citations that are not yet in the spreadsheet. By and by, we'll be exploring the possibility of distributing a later version in the form of a more easily searchable database but, for now, this is a very solid start.


Last Updated: 03/30/2020
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